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+ <h2 id="1-sep-2021"><a href="#1-sep-2021">[[date:1 September 2021]]</a></h2>
+ <h3>data changes</h3>
+ - added missing A6I3 "[[track:weird-moody-horse-shit]]" flashes (thanks, FF!)
+ - added missing bonus tracks from [[album:rust-apocalypse]] as re-releases of their original appearances on [[album:coloUrs-and-mayhem-universe-a]] (thanks, deesoff!)
+ - added blood CW to [[track:hauntjam]] (thanks, Low!)
+ - added blood (abstract) CW to [[track:hauntjelly]], too
+ - updated listen links for a number of tracks in [[album:unreleased-tracks]], using local archive uploads rather than relying on a torrent mirror
+ - [[track:hawkeye]] (as heard in [[track:sunsetter]] and [[track:davesprite]])
+ - [[track:sea-of-derse]] (as heard in [[track:breeze]])
+ - [[track:shooting-star]] (as heard in [[track:homefree]])
+ - [[track:skaia-voyages]] (as heard in [[track:creata]] and [[track:skaian-happy-flight]])
+ - [[track:the-paradox-paradigm]] (as heard in a number of [[group:unofficial-mspa-fans]] tracks)
+ - [[track:where-making-this-hapen]] (as heard, probably, in [[track:rex-mille-geromius]] and, maybe, in [[track:revisit-rewind]])
+ - fixed capitalization for [[track:where-making-this-hapen]]
+ <h3>bug fixes</h3>
+ - fixed domain-local URLs crashing a build (i.e. support for updated archive links)
+ - fixed re-release track links never text wrapping, messing up layout on pages such as [[track:three-in-the-morning]]
+ - fixed flash art for [[flash:5426]] (may take a while to load)
<h2 id="10-aug-2021"><a href="#10-aug-2021">[[date:10 August 2021]]</a></h2>
<h3>data changes</h3>
- added missing (public!) bonus tracks from [[album:p-s]] (thanks, deesoff!):