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2021-12-31refactor/tweak getGridHTML to use link() fns(quasar) nebula
2021-08-02fix misordered art lists & chronology links(quasar) nebula
2021-06-27improved sidebar/index layout for listing pages(quasar) nebula
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2021-06-10fix group page sidebar highlighting all groups(quasar) nebula
2021-06-04move around a bunch of utility functions(quasar) nebula
2021-06-04module-ify tag pages(quasar) nebula
2021-06-04module-ify album commentary pages(quasar) nebula
2021-06-04module-ify flash pages(quasar) nebula
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2021-06-03module-ify news pages & index; new page module fns(quasar) nebula
2021-06-03module-ify artist and artist alias pages(quasar) nebula
2021-06-01module-ify group pages(quasar) nebula
2021-06-01module-ify track pages(quasar) nebula
2021-06-01basic module-ify album pages(quasar) nebula
Other pages are commented out for now. Also, this doesn't include the source .txt processing functions yet, 8ut that'll pro8a8ly end up in the page/ files too.