AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 hourspreview "splash"staging(quasar) nebula
9 hoursfix kinda harmless error in yaml quick load util(quasar) nebula
11 hoursmake happen preview homepage shenanigans(quasar) nebula
11 hoursexpose URL key and value(s) in html(quasar) nebula
11 hourshidden language support(quasar) nebula
13 hoursfix defaultLanguage crash(quasar) nebula
35 hoursexclude re-releases from referencedByTracks prop(quasar) nebula
35 hoursYou Saw Nothing(quasar) nebula
35 hoursfilter missing refs from wiki info divide field(quasar) nebula
36 hoursdivide referenced-by lists by configurable groups(quasar) nebula
37 hourswiki short name in page/tab titledata-restructure(quasar) nebula
37 hoursfix broken redirect writes(quasar) nebula
37 hoursnew YAML quick load util, moved code from repl(quasar) nebula
38 hoursGPL 3.0 -> MIT license(quasar) nebula
4 dayscopy favicon from media directory if present(quasar) nebula
5 daysAdditional Files styling improvements(quasar) nebula
8 dayssocial embeds (discord, maybe twitter)(quasar) nebula
11 daysdon't inherit strings in the wrong direction lol(quasar) nebula
11 dayspreload, map and format sizes of additional files(quasar) nebula
11 daysadditional files(quasar) nebula
11 daysnew Additional Files data field(quasar) nebula
11 daysmake commentary a Thing.common prop(quasar) nebula
11 daysEmbarrassing.....(quasar) nebula
11 daysnew validateProperties util, port contribs to it(quasar) nebula
11 daysalways show "expected array" during validation(quasar) nebula
13 daysrm src/util/strings.js(quasar) nebula
13 daysremove unused BuildDirective code(quasar) nebula
13 daysprovide intl code through json(quasar) nebula
13 daysport the rest of everything(quasar) nebula
13 daysinherited strings(quasar) nebula
13 daysHTML entity escaping via external function(quasar) nebula
13 daysrename strings arg to language(quasar) nebula
13 daysrename list utilities(quasar) nebula
13 dayslanguage list functions(quasar) nebula
13 daysrename other count utils(quasar) nebula
13 daysrename strings( to language.$((quasar) nebula
13 daysrename count functions(quasar) nebula
13 daysWIP basic Language object(quasar) nebula
2022-05-09expose rgb/hsl in getColors util(quasar) nebula
2022-05-07🦀 UNRELEASED_TRACKS_DIRECTORY is gone 🦀(quasar) nebula
2022-05-06fix very long single words going past page width(quasar) nebula
2022-05-05improve word wrapping behavior on "by" strings(quasar) nebula
2022-05-05align grid rows at top(quasar) nebula
2022-05-05support albums and tracks without release dates(quasar) nebula
2022-05-05'Has Track Numbers' generalized ol/ul field(quasar) nebula
2022-05-05support albums without cover art(quasar) nebula
2022-04-24add <link rel="alternate"> language tags(quasar) nebula
2022-04-24annotate bindOpts function name(quasar) nebula
2022-04-19flesh out patch nonsense some(quasar) nebula
2022-04-17local REPL input logging / history file(quasar) nebula