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masterUse a poll to catch extra tricky location changesFlorrie3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-26Use a poll to catch extra tricky location changesHEADmasterFlorrie
2019-03-24Actually switch song as soon as reasonableFlorrie
2019-03-24Make styles...nicerFlorrie
2019-03-24Show loading screen while loading a ruleFlorrie
2019-03-24Place general settings in sidebarFlorrie
2019-03-24Per-track volume slidersFlorrie
2019-03-24Be less verbose with wildcard representationsFlorrie
2019-03-24Scroll track list separatelyFlorrie
2019-03-24Allow re-showing upload formFlorrie
2019-03-24Disallow creating rules on no-hostname pagesFlorrie