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masterMan page and aliases for --add-status-lineFlorrie4 years
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2018-04-14Man page and aliases for --add-status-lineHEADmasterFlorrie
2018-04-14Status line switcherFlorrie
2018-04-10Add man page info for title lineFlorrie
2018-04-10Add --title-line option, for fancy tmux windowsFlorrie
2018-04-08--status-line + man for custom status linesFlorrie
2018-04-08Add %esc% and %name%Florrie
2018-04-08Add %trackName% template replacementFlorrie
2018-04-08Add %timeLeft% template replacementFlorrie
2018-04-08Update duration graph screenshotFlorrie
2018-04-08Fix referencing groupTrackIndex when it doesn't existFlorrie