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masterCapture keydown, not keypressFlorrie3 years
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2019-04-22Capture keydown, not keypressHEADmasterFlorrie
2018-08-26Background changeFlorrie
2018-08-26Unused stun stuffFlorrie
2018-08-24Trailing particlesFlorrie
2018-08-24Spawn more particles from bigger movesFlorrie
2018-08-24Support to draw sprites without scalingFlorrie
2018-08-24Don't target an enemy with Cure if the target ally was killedFlorrie
2018-08-24Fix action labels not showing upFlorrie
2018-08-24:Sparkles: Particles :Sparkles:Florrie
2018-08-23More coordinate redesign/refactor, more or lessFlorrie