florrie/blogMy blog website - Me12 months
florrie/csb-gamePixelly spin-off of the Command Synergy Battle system used in Final Fantasy XIII...3 years
florrie/dotfilesMiscellaneous configuration files of my personal use 4 years
florrie/guess-the-characterUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 3 years
florrie/http-musicCommand-line music player + utils (not a server!) 4 years
florrie/interactive-bgmBrowser extension that adds background music based on the site you're browsing 3 years
florrie/misc-playlistsAssorted playlist files for mtui and http-music 4 years
florrie/precanonHomestuck^2: Preceeding Canon - (re)presentation of HS2 stylized upon Prequel 19 months
florrie/scratch-userscriptsHandy userscripts for the Scratch website - issues/ideas: years
florrie/scratchblocks-generator-3scratchblocks generator for projects made in 3.0 2 years
florrie/scratchrlolSimple HTML-based Scratch client 4 years
florrie/tui-libPure Node.js library for making visual command-line programs (ala vim, ncdu) 3 years
florrie/tui-text-editorEmbeddable tui-lib text editor 3 years